What Makes Christianity Unique?


Are all religions the same?

The ideologies, practices, and traditions associated with our beliefs aren’t that unique, and many characteristics we find within Christianity are found in other belief systems. For example, the following attributes we assume are “Christian” are actually practiced by numerous religions:

Good and Moral Behavior:

Christians often promote the idea that good evangelism is being a good and moral person–as if simply being a decent human being will somehow impress people into becoming curious enough to discover God. But in reality, many people—including non-believers—can be good.

You can’t randomly identify who is and isn’t a Christian by the way they act in public (or private). Many Christians are immoral and many non-Christians are wonderful people. Some Christians do really bad things while some non-believers do amazingly good things.


Going one step further, Christians don’t have the market cornered on love. People experience love, give love, and are all around loving individuals whether or not they believe in God. Families, friends, strangers, and romantic couples can love each other whether or not they identify as Christians.

It’s selfish and absurd to claim that only Christians have the capability to love. We see humanity love daily in an infinite number of ways. But many Christians continue to hold the concept of love hostage from the rest of the world, claiming that experiencing love is impossible without becoming a Christian.

Holy Scriptures:

Islam has the Qu’ran, Judaism has The Torah, Buddhism has The Tripitakas, Hinduism has The The Vedas, Taoism has the Teo Te Ching, and Christians have The Bible.

Prophets, miracles, visions, historical events, fantastic stories, laws, and profound says are within all of these sacred texts—and their followers equally exhibit a passion concerning their authenticity, authority, and divine authorship.

Each religion reveres their own holy book with the same amount of passion, reverence, and respect that Christians view their Bible.


Nearly every religion practices various forms of prayer. Everyone prays to their own divinity. They also worship, sing, meditate, reflect, sacrifice, fast, feast, confess, and practice various disciplines similar to Christianity but unique to their own beliefs.

Places of Worship:

Islam has mosques, Judaism has synagogues, Buddhism has temples, Hinduism has mandirs, Taoism has gongs, and Christianity has churches.

Various religions have holy places of worship, shrines, and sacred meeting places that revolve around worship, fellowship, community, and other religious traditions.

It’s easy to assume that we’re extremely unique and counter-cultural in our faith—but in a diverse and pluralistic society, are we really?

So what does make Christianity unique?


Christians often mistakenly evangelize to others by promoting specific behaviors, churches, types of worships, bibles, and even prayers—but they should be promoting Christ Himself.

This seems like an obvious truth, and yet Christians continue to market, sell, and advertise almost everything but Christ.

Christ is what makes Christianity distinct.

Christ makes your behavior unique.

Christ makes your love unique.

Christ makes your Bible unique.

Christ makes your church unique.

Christ makes you and everyone else unique.

Christ makes everything about Christianity unique!

Instead of promoting a religion, promote your relationship with Christ. Introduce people to the very real person of Jesus Christ before you start promoting anything else.


5 thoughts on “What Makes Christianity Unique?

  1. It isn’t about what Christians “should be”…..which is often what we are indoctrinated, but it is about WHO WE ARE……if indeed we have allowed the Christ, the very anointing of God to come tabernacle/dwell/rest/reside/live in us. We preach a message of salvation and call it the Gospel, but we are called to preach The Gospel/good news of Jesus Christ…..and He preached…I AM and demonstrated who He was by his actions in feeding the thousands, healing ALL the sick that came to him. When we begin to understand who Christ is as you have preached, then we will begin perhaps to do the works of Christ, and we will be distinguished from others who serve “other gods” from the one who serves The I AM…the Almighty, Only Wise God!!

  2. It’s very narrow-minded to think Christianity is unique in every way from any other religion. I agree that our uniqueness is because of Christ but also because Christianity is the only religion that serves a LIVING God. God bless and have a good day.

  3. Susan

    Yes, Christ is what makes Christianity unique, but that is exactly why I am not Christian. Jesus was a wise man, but he was still a human being. I’m a Jew and I think that my God is a living God.

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